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PKM vs. MAG 58 part II

Pictures: Carolus Löfroos

Text: Carolus Löfross and Kristóf Nagy 

After the positive feedback regarding the first part of our interview we would like to continue discussing the pros and cons of these two, iconic machineguns, so let us dive in right away.

Kristóf: Let us continue with handling and organics. Since you worked both systems for years, what else would you like to touch?

Carolus: The PKM loading procedure might seem okay at first glance, but over time, you’ll realize its downsides. With the MAG, again with the MG34/42 style belts used in Sweden, all you need to do is charge the gun, leave around 10-15 empty links in the first part of the belt which are easy to grab on to, throw it over and hook any of the empty links into the end of the feed tray, close the cover and pull the belt through the mechanism with your right hand until the first round in the belt locks in place. Sort of like you’d use a starter tab but the poor man’s version of it. Quick, easy and very much fail proof.

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